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some developing news in nevada. police are searching for suspects who broke into a pg&e substation. it happened a few hours ago. two men cut a hole in the fence and tried to steal some copper and. a pg&e worker he saw the man called the police. part of the officer in one of the suspects were taken to the hospital. the other suspect is on the run so richmond residents get some new information about the refinery fire last month. talk about the fire. the focus is on a five-foot section of a 200 ft. long pipe line. it had quoted and was a belief that when the fire started. post incident measurements
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his surviving portion of that section of the pipe had a thick mist as low as one 16th of an inch. about the thickness of a penny. the monitor 19 different parts of the pie but missed a five-foot section with a breach happened on its and thus induce some tend hidden cameras and the san francisco home of an elementary principle who is now charged with five to the regutted charges. one of the cameras was found in a teddy bear to sit there and louis lead santa clara's montague elementary school was arrested on drug charges last week. he appeared in court yesterday could 7 " level the suspected to be in the b and d m a r x this week or three reform of the g h b and a quarter of about the methamphetamines. is no indication of any crime involving children at the
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school. another san francisco man is due in court today. 25 don't lovely rose it was our last saturday after police clinton to fight this incident here pox at elementary school. and then to other incidents near schools. the girl was a double to escape by kicking her attacker and a running all back to the school prayer adhered he held a town hall meeting to talk about the two nights of vandalism. russell is at a community meeting last why police are not doing their jobs to keep the peace. this community has done the edward and struggled to make changes. but hasn't been enough. the mission is a safe place is a vibrant community and the san francisco police department
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and those elected by you to serve you are commanded to keep this is a place. police a 22 year-old was on his way to avenge a fatal shooting when they encountered him. a truck in front 24 room, b allen smith smith and two other people accused of forcing to women to withdraw cash in a separate once that happened within two hours of each other's. people against plans for a new show in san mateo county plan to cut into a budget meeting. the money would be better spent on social services had either altered to suit imprisonment aboard of supervisors of votes on a plan to make the small apartments available to winters. sun not only be 200
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square feet a day. why some housing advocates don't like the idea. there are mixed feelings on it. his apartment complex is one of the so-called micro unit set to be unveiled in november. these above 300 square feet. . supervisors are voting on whether to 01 that are smaller. the new ones would be about 200 square feet. specs of the skies of michael units include when the seeds of a convert to windows that transformed into heads and then to tables. new hires have been sapping of rentals in so prices have got up.
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audit group we do need more. almost 40 percent of san franciscans are single. we need to have housing or for families and for single people. was concerned about is a precedent that it sets. that it's ok for people to live in these very tiny shoebox of lawrence. in some of them are maybe this size of a parking space. more of these apartments would cost congested a constraint city sources. according to real estate services a current studio in severance this go-go's for about $2,100 on watt. there is that one death connected to an ongoing wild
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fire in san diego county. set of letters from the body of a man who had ordered ignored orders of evacuation. it's heartbreaking you know. it's hard we don't have anything to come back to. more than two dozen acres have burned so far. or so to see some to choose to dig into the '40's. much of for some of the dense fog early on. although modest area of low pressure that slid in yes it is going east. it's going to be a
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slow warming trend. it is chilly and center rose are right now. 54 degrees in livermore. season 70's in the bay. '50s and '60s up towards the coast. so far so good on the gun but as you work your way towards that a great. semitism which might be a bit of a problem there is. jump over to our maps right now there was road work reported on this side. give yourself some extra time. the dumbarton bridge is a good alternative know where were reported dead. president obama set to speak
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in new york just a couple of hours before the united nations general assembly. his east to discuss everything for the civil war institute there was unclear activities and to the vat tax and libya and egypt. romney accused the president of minimizing recent events in the middle east. i was pretty certain that there are to be bumps in the road. we need an administration that is up to shape events in the middle east in not seeing them as props and the road. what house spokesperson is of such common stock split and offensive. the president was referring to middle east and west in general. he's already creating controversy during and then yesterday after he accused
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the unit last of the shielding israeli government. he also said the u.s. miss use the freedom of speech at around the production of the entire muslim video. one involves the california proposition 8 the voters approved a measure that limits marriage to the field knuckles. the animals in your woman who sued seven federal law treats the same-sex marriages and fairly. how one father got is crying baby to get some gun with the power of the force. in california could be going driver list. a surprise passengers sneaked into
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imagine finding this input constrictor under your car. this woman did. before full-blown would tell by looking shirt here was under the car. the minister
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to the snake out. an animal control took the stake. it is expected to be adopted out. knots of creepy as the road was right now. in fact let's go in over the map of the self bit. seeing the espy's this morning. two of the 11505 looking pretty good this morning. noble work reported in of a run this area. we have some road work is money on december 2nd which. they're wrapping things up and should be
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clear within the next with two minutes. he's done for home repair that should be wrapped up by 6:00 bit and is the counter commit direction. as you look to get along the east shore of lake no delays. things are cruising along was that in the towards the big bridge. if you're heading across the girl into which limited visibility in these areas. mass-transit is or is a good choice. all or looking good and this morning. the
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effect from early this morning. it will be a vigorous debt as high pressure begins to sneak back in. of the tissues may get a little hot in some of the valleys. you consider the low pressure making authorities would the damage is red our cool in spots the '40's and 50's in spots. the issues up in the '70s and the substance of the big picture. the reported the list just yet around at the flow. he could see some showers heading into the area. high pressure building in.
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temperatures warm over the next few days. likely to make return later on tonight and into tomorrow morning before pushing aside the bid once again. about 70 degrees in san jose about 76 of fremont and renascence cemetery. about 86 degrees and antioch 85 and the field. 72 in oakland and 65 in san francisco. then we make will ever so slightly as we head into the weekend but not much. a contract dispute between
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american airlines and the pilots' union is triggering a surge in cancellations and a lot of delays. that brings the total number of cancellations to 570 since the dispute began more than a week ago. less than half of the airlines have been on time since september the 16th. toys r us is hiring 5000 holiday workers compared to last year. the plan to add 45,000 temporary employees nationwide. the extra help will be run through the new year and could lead to permanent employment as well. shares of apple or about $15 lower from the all-time high last he the drop came after a couple reported sales of the net i found five of running behind expectations. a chinese factory that makes the phones is back in operation. the age of driverless
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cars is a closer today when gov. hunt is silicon valley. he will visit to headquarters this afternoon to sign legislation that will allow a computer controlled cars to drop on california hybris. his six like an atm fees. the others are judged to use another bank's atm is now $2.50. the average cost is now over $4. put transaction. not only that they regard, the number of banks offering free checking has dropped. what it called free checking anyway? appeared subdued the have found a very innovative way to stop the kid from crying. that is awesome.
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that put aside from our mp three quiet next to his head. this child was 4 months old at the time this video was shot. he is now 24 and has alleged saber. the s and then tried to avoid another collapse. the cost of packers' the wind could request that raffs call that caused an uproar. ,,,,
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said the apache goods from this morning. much warmer weather to come. started to see some extra volume club here. the special three of altamont pass. the nfl replacement roofless a big come under fire after last night's one another
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about the game ended up in controversy eight seconds left in the 10th green big lead seattle by five. the steep tax the car to pass a helmet into the end zone. an interception for the packers. but the rest the look and they disagree. it was such a small basket of a sow's touchdown. after a 10 minute delay the game to the seahawks. how a lot of the packers today and most of which we cannot put on the air. we want to know what the nfl request a restaurant in the game? he wants us yes bit of if they are knew we regard to be this that i would rather have an nfl strike. a lot of people when in august. if it keeps up like that
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the players made walkout. the oakland is other in texas tried to cut the rangers' lead compared. it to run shot in the seventh. they ended up in the ninth walk of of testing all. his of five tennis back in the last to know. the st. louis cardinals tried to make a cash but the battle is going to bounce off his block and look what he does appear twice of the hands he makes a great catch. in developing story, but
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used he taught in a pg hominy substation in the north bay. an arsenal of drugs and hidden cameras. the disturbing discovered inside a santa clara elementary school principal. sisyphus is the board of supervisors will vote to allow the nation's tiniest micro apartments. will tell you just the small but art. ,, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. hey, bro. or engaging.
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up. or on the scene of some developing news in the north bay. of the city just struck down a copper fief hiding near a pg&e substation. the officer is being treated at the hospital. so was the suspect. they were injured when they were chasing him. ho police were called to rome to 45 this morning for reports of two men on the pg&e property when they aren't they found a hole cut in defense and it appears the men
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tried to steal some copper wiring from abroad. that's when the chase happened. there were both injured and the substance he said the suspect got away. the fund a second suspect about 30 minutes ago but around 5:00 a.m. three he was hiding here on the street to a ballet a vehicle. the took the man into custody as well. as we know substations had been hit in the past. this copper wire going for lot of money. richmond residents are searching for answers about last month's refinery fire. hundreds of people turned up for a community meeting to talk about what went wrong. the federal agency in charge of investigations as the hype that
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filled court so much that it was about as thick as a penny in some spots. the consequences of the four could have been far worse. is still trying to figure of what type degraded and what this section failed had not been replaced three inspections. investigators find 10 hidden cameras and the san francisco home of the elementary school principal who was in charge of five drug related felonies. what the cameras was actually inside of a teddy bear. pencil of santa clara montague elementary school was arrested on drug charges last week and he was in court yesterday. a quarter of an ounce of methamphetamine seven poles of and d m a or ecstasy and three or 4 mi. of chp.
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he is being held button gel and little of $25,000 bill. a private investigation is said to be sentenced in concord. including drug possession extortion and illegal wiretapping. the crimes all happening what he was working with the contra cause the county drug enforcement team. selling to see some '40's outside. and it looks like we've got another mistake coming our way. the temperatures dipping somewhat in the north bay and 53 in san jose. 50 to degrees in san francisco. but after the
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interim the autumn sunshine. 83 and morgan hill 78 in san jose as you make your way to the east bay. 84 degrees and pleasanton 84 what the creek. central 72 in oakland was 60 degrees is also legal. this a love of the cemetery a bridge. the directions of the bridge are cruising run a lot of what's the inside. a little bit of road work of these drugs side. a lot of our censors. again that this
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slowdown. that is a counter to mid direction and should be wrapped up by 1:00. a new ahead funds california voters are closely divided on whether to repeal the death penalty. 42 percent of it since support of proposition 44 in. that would limit the death penalty in change all inmate sentences to life without parole. 13 percent are undecided. plans for a new jail in san mateo county plan to cut a budget meeting. the money would be better spent on social services in other alternatives to imprisonment. the issue has become more heated since the state started sending global offenders to jail last fall. the board of supervisors
5:35 am
votes on a plan to make small apartments available to printers here and serve francisco. some will only be 200 square feet. it's hot these micro units are already popping up in san francisco. there is one under construction but behind me. the only difference is that these hopes of 300 square feet occupied city supervisors are looking to cut down the size to the basic bedroom size. the new design would cut the sound bite 80 square feet and would include one deceits that convert to squarehead's and headset turntables. this will most likely help the single cut in san francisco. they will not
5:36 am
help families much though. it sets a bad precedent sang it's ok for people to live in apartment the size of a parking space. why does it have to be so small. the only reason i concede him that it would need to be such a small size is to clear more units into its holdings of a developer to make more money of riches of this is pretty common sense. we have sensibility and we saw all sides of the unit. 40 percent of people here in the city live solo. despite arguments will provide a much more affordable option. these units will go for about 1200 to $1,600 a month. that average studio will go for but $2,100 on watt. depending on how this look
5:37 am
you could get what you pay for president obama is set to speak before the united nations general assembly about an hour- and-a-half from now. is expected to discuss everything from a civil war in serbia to ron's to you the activities and the recent attacks and libya and egypt romney accused the president of minimizing recent events in the middle east. i was certain and continued to be pretty certain that there were to be at the box of the road. we need a demonstration that is up to strip the evidence the middle east and not seen them as pawns of the road curry among the world is at the gathering in new york although rodney of president. he's
5:38 am
already creating controversy during a meeting yesterday. he accused the u.s. of shielding the israeli government of. that prompted the israeli delegation to go out and leave. or president the clinton is the more active on the talk-show circuit as the election approaches this november. this morning he was interviewed this morning on cbs this morning. will run disrespecting as long line of squelching a film fighter that nobody in the 40 knew anything about. that 99 percent of us think was crude and disrespectful and awful. we have learned the hard way over 200 years that in order to preserve freedom and liberty you have to allow people to sit and do things you find abhorrent. you could hear the whole
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interview of subaquatic here on cbs. had made at heart is to get your back and fix next year. truck of the crashes had truck of the crashes had eggs, bacon, and pancakes. denny's everyday value slam is four dollars every day. wait, is that right? eggs, bacon, pancakes. yeah. that's right. the four dollar everyday value slam. only four dollars every day.
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>> a truck driver in russia has survived an amazing crash. there he is, the truck got slammed by another one coming the other way. the driver of that crop goes through the windshield and writes himself on his feet. amazingly walk away without injury. >> i wonder what saved him is the entire windchill popped out and he didn't go through the collapse >> apparently he didn't have his belt on. this morning, the author of a new law that regulates so-called party bosses will mark the signing of the legislation >> the bill requires bus companies to ask the person making the reservation if alcohol will be served and if anyone on board will be 21.
5:43 am
bus companies must notify the person. today the hill will hold a news conference with parents whose son died in a car crash back in 2010. uc-berkeley police have identified a suspect on two recent burglaries on campus. they're trying to find 24 year- old cody alan smith. he and others are accused of forcing women to withdraw money from atm machines. with college costs rising many families wonder if a degree is worth the time or money >> the answer is still a resounding yes. let's find out. there are a lot of people out there who are college graduates who are still unemployed. >> the national unemployment rate stands at 8.1 percent right now. if you have a high-school degree that number jumps up to 8.1%. if you have some college or an
5:44 am
associate's degree, unemployment rates drop down to 6.6%. if you have a bachelor's degree or higher, unemployment is at 4.1%. >> we know that some college graduates are working low-wage jobs so is it really worth it to spend the extra money for college? >> allot of families are asking this and i have good numbers to back it up. the earnings gap between high school and college graduates is significant. last year, high-school graduates in their 20 were making a mean and will salary of $24,500. compare that to the college graduates of the same age, 39,007. we're talking a $14,000 difference in your 20s. that is a big deal.
5:45 am
that said, students and their families should be really careful not to assume too much debt for the education. a good rule of thumb is to keep total debt lower than your first year salary. >> good luck. so if you are a software engineer more debt is ok but if your art history, maybe it is not such a good idea. >> that is exactly right. if you look at the average of degrees it is 51-$52,000 but income varies a lot of your profession so if we look at the top fields of study ranked by salary we see things like medical preparation programs, engineering, computer science, all with salaries over $75,000 per year and you cannot just make yourself into an engineer but it might help you with a major you choose. we have a list of the top paying jobs for bachelors degree
5:46 am
holders. what is missing, i didn't see anything in broadcast journalism on that list >> you probably won't. >> you do a lot of growing up when you go to college. >> i'm still growing. around the bay area today if you are just getting up we have autumn sunshine coming our way. temperatures are a little bit cool to start your mainly in the 40's and 50's. patchy fog showing up at the immediate coast line. as that moves out we will see warmer weather building in as high pressure sneak back in over the bay area. as you approached the coast line ec thick fog this morning and even a couple of patches of fog. this afternoon we should see plenty of sunshine in most spots. temperatures in the '60s and '70s in the bay.
5:47 am
even along the coastline we will stick with sunshine. nineties and hot in the central valley today. 85 degrees in beautiful. sunny and warm around the bay area today. high pressure will start to build in and temperatures are likely to warm up a few degrees each day and getting hot towards the end of the week, at least in the inland valleys. tonight, pushing back on shore and on to the a day early tomorrow morning. temperatures should be a fairly nice towards the afternoon. 77 in redwood city. 76 in fremont. one of the hot spots in brentwood, 81 degrees in napa valley. 71 in alameda and 70 degrees in richmond. by thursday, maybe some '90s
5:48 am
make a return to some of the valleys. patchy fog towards the coastline will keep you cool. >> we're going to get the conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza, so far, no delays to report. slight delays in the cash flames but traffic is cruising into san francisco out of oakland. a live look at conditions on 580. extra volume, we're starting to see traffic stack up this morning with all the cars headed towards the 680 interchange. we do see some delays through the altamont pass now. 32 m.p.h. in some spots. 18 minutes now on westbound 580. we have reports of road work that should be wrapping up in
5:49 am
the next 10 minutes. you can always use the dumbarton bridge. expect some slow conditions in the counter commute direction westbound highway 4 seeing some delays through antioch. the southbound mays is clear heading into a word and so far so good on a word side of 92. >> gov. jerry brown is set to visit silicon valley where he is scheduled to sign legislation into law. google had come up with such a car and was behind the bill that passed the legislation with only two no votes. if you have room in your freezer you might want to stock up on bacon
5:50 am
>> there is expected to be a worldwide shortage of bacon and other pork products next year according to the national pig association in britain. the drought means that less feed is available for hogs. >> that just makes me hungry. and you're a reminder of san francisco's greatest disaster. >> a horse is a horse but this one is also an artist. we will see him doing his thing when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> high-pressure trying to build back into the bay area. dense fog this morning but sunshine this afternoon. >> reports of an accident on south 101. the bridges look pretty good >> today media will get a firsthand look at the status of the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. it is about 25% done. tonight the senate where a city council will likely approve plans to hire a full-time building inspector to work on the project. construction crews have uncovered remnants from the earthquake that rocked northern california. they found the foundations of san francisco's old city hall, a building that was 10 years old when it quickly collapsed during the disaster.
5:54 am
the foundation was found earlier this month under the sidewalk of hyde street near fulton street. >> a longtime barry a comedy club is now history. a. the purple onion has been around for decades featuring legends like phyllis diller, robin williams, woody allen. , the lovers say it is hard to watch such a legendary institutions shut its doors. >> i think it means that comedy is changing a little bit. you would think someone would jump in and let it lasts forever. it is not, it is closing down and it is a real shame >> it opened in 1952 so it has been around for 60 years. you'd think someone would step in and try to figure out a way to keep it going >> >> a horse has an unusual skill,
5:55 am
pretty good with a paintbrush. >> this was a nine year-old stallion who was a show horse but one day he started crying in the sand so he even has his own web site. he fetches up to $250 per painting. >> he is actually pretty good >> a few weeks ago i think we had a guerrilla that painted but this one is much better. in the next half-hour, it is one of the most controversial endings to a game ever, the call that has the nfl under fire in a big way >> the new plan for shoebox living and who is designed to help. >> in the auto police officer injured while trying to wrest a copper wire fief.
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>> an officer injured trying to get to suspects. with the thieves or after >> the controversy over new shoebox apartments in one bay area city. >> lots of sunshine by the afternoon and will have details coming up >> reports of an injury accident in marin county. >> the morning everyone. >> some developing news from the north a right now where a police officer and a suspected copperfield far in the hospital this morning. >> the list that is on the scene and has the very latest. >> i just got off the phone with police who told me the officer is now out of hospital

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